Australian Counselling Association & Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia Approved Supervision Training

Australian Counselling Association  and Psyhotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia approved RISE UP model  Group and Individual Supervision Training.

Suitable for:

  • Experienced Counsellors and Psychotherapists wanting to expand their skills and understanding to provide Professional Supervision in their practice skills.
  • Counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers irrespective of experience, wanting to gain more insight into the responsibilities of both the Supervisee and what they should expect from their respective Supervisors.
  • Supervisors and Others who find themselves providing Professional Supervision as part of their role and need to augment their proficiency with specific Supervisor training.
  • As a foundation to Professional and Clinical Supervision for the Health, Allied Health and all practices of a similar nature whose members subscribe to a reputable Professional Organisation with a conditional component requiring Supervision.
  • Hypnotherapists.
  • School Counsellors.
  • Teachers.
  • Social Workers.
  • Mental Health Workers.


  • Conducted as a 3 day, interactive total package following a pre-course reading and questionairre plus online videos.
  • Specific training and a deeper understanding of Professional Supervision for clinical practices.
  • Understanding the rights and responsibilities of both the Supervisee and Supervisor.
  • Up-skilling to better carry out Professional Supervision of your team or individuals.
  • Collaborative and practical based training.
  • This course meets the ACA Supervisor Registration training criteria plus several other assocations 
  •  Study materials included in the investment.
  • 10 OPD Points + 6 hours of Professional Supervision.
  • Full fee $825 per person.

  • Professional Association members: ACA, AHA, ACHA, ACWA, AASW. PACFA $795 per person  for component 1 & 2 ..

  • PACFA members need to complete component 1& 2 before completing component 3 online this has a added cost of  $400 total $1145.00, total course 136 hours 

 Your Presenters and Assessors

  • Barbara Matheson member of ACA College of Supervisors  
  • Heather Bunting member of PACFA, & ACA College of Supervisors.
  • Lyndall Briggs President of  ACHA Registered Professiona Hypnotherapist &supervisor plus a member of ACA College of Supervisors.
  • Judith Szucs Administration Assistant  member of ACA College of Supervisors. 
  •  All STS staff are Qualified Trainer's, Assessor's.

For Applications and proposed Course training dates, see the Course Schedule.

To apply for localities in  Melbourne, Adelaide,Hobart, please send Email:

To apply for  Sydney training info send  Email:  

Businesses, organisation and group enquiries are welcomed and for supplementary information, please contact Barbara on 0412 977 553