Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA)

 This training is APPROVED by PACFA for PACFA Clinical Members​.   

Explanation of RISE UP model Component 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 

As part of their pre-course study, each student will be required to purchase and read the academic text “The Practice of Clinical and Counselling Supervision", 2017 Nadine Pelling and Phil Armstrong, from Australian Academic Press. This text lays the foundation for the three -day workshop. Pre-workshop Minimum of 80 hours to read the text and answer the questionnaire,plus write a 200-word essay.


  • Conducted as a 3 day, interactive total package following a pre-course reading and questionairre plus online videos.
  • Specific training and a deeper understanding of Professional Supervision for clinical practices.
  • Understanding the rights and responsibilities of both the Supervisee and Supervisor.
  • Up-skilling to better carry out Professional Supervision of your team or individuals.
  • Collaborative and practical based training.
  • This course meets the PACFA Supervisor Registration training criteria plus several other assocations 
  •  Study materials included in the investment.

The Certificate of Attainment in Group and Individual Supervision Course is made up of four components of training:

1.         Reading the textbook and completing a questionnaire of 42 questions (minimum 80% pass mark) based on the contents of the textbook and a reflective essay on the text.

2.         Watch a series of four videos that run for a total of eight hours that explain the theory of Supervision. There is a 20 question assessment form with a minimum of 80% pass mark.

3.         3-day face to face classroom work, that includes a 216 page fully referenced manual, broken up into three phases:

  1. PowerPoint presentation on running groups followed by interactive group work,
  2.  individual Supervision practice, and
  3. A formal assessment process that involves;
    1. Delivering an actual 60-minute Supervision session.  
    2. Critiquing a Supervision session.
    3. Being a Supervisee in a Supervision session

4.    Online section:  STS will send a Email to the participant with the information and instrucions that reqiuires the Student to deliver 12 Supervised Supervision Sessions, using the skills learned form The "Rise Up model "component 1& 2 & 3 interactive workbook provided and full support from STS trainers. 

Note:   Formal assessments are conducted in real-time, face to face in front of a registered and qualified Optimise Potential assessor. Role-plays are not allowed.

Total nominal hours of training including assessment = 136 hours

  • Full fee $1145 per person...

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