About us

Barbara Matheson  as STS's Presenter and Assessor is licensed by "Optimise Potential" to deliver the RISE UP Training Program as well as other workshops. She is registered with the ACA College of Supervisors, Workplace Assessor and Trainers. Barbara has a successful practice (STS) and has many supervisee's and supervision groups in several localities. Barbara is a registered member of the ACA College of Supervisors, an Honorary Member of Australian Counselling Association, and a Fellow of Counsellors Victoria. As the Immediate Past President of Counsellors Victoria (CV) Barbara has a good depth and breadth of counselling, the counselling industry, and all its attendant issues, she has written and developed 2 approved Supervision Training Courses. 

Lyndall Briggs delivers the Sydney courses  please contact her on: info@sydneysupervisiontraining.com.  Lyndall is an Honorary member of ACA since 2002, is a member of the board of ACHA and ACA also licenced to deliver the RISE UP Supervision Training. She is a qualified Hypnotherapist, Supervisor and Counsellor, Trainer. She is also in private practise running her own clinic, the Kingsgrove Hypnotherapy & Counselling Centre in Sydney for almost 21 year's. Lyndall has also managed to record over 50 very reasonably priced MP3’s audio tracks available on her website http://mentalmassages.com 

Heather Bunting  is a registered PACFA and ACA Supervior who cares about helping people no matter what they bring. she have a keen understanding of family dynamics and find this can be beneficial in helping people make sense of their behaviour and habitual thought processes. 

Judith Szucs  is our Administration Assistant she is a registered Supervisor with the College of ACA, she is passionate in Supervising and training Counsellors and imparting over 30 years of personal and professional development in private practice  as a Shiatsu therapist and Transpersonal counsellor and More recently furthered her education in a  Degree in Community Mental Health, Alcohol & Other Drug and Dip in Training & Assessment. judiths Speciality is providing alternatives to medical intervention and pharmaceutical products. 


We deliver quality workshops and strategies based on experience gained first hand from your real world. Working as a health professional has the potential to be extremely rewarding both professional and personally, but without the right advice you run the risk of encountering numerous challenges along the way Whether you are a student, new business owner or a private practitioner looking for information on how to grow your own practice.

Supervision Training Services runs inexpensive, comprehensive workshops that succinctly cover everything Allied Health Professionals need to know about setting up a successful private practice. [check our course page for dates and venue information for the next workshops]

Our workshops are ACA approved and recognised by Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia ,Australian Hypnotherapist Association and the Australian Clinical Hypnotherapist Association,  Australian Community workers Association , Austalian Association of Social workers and others International Associations.  

Supervision Training services workshops are suitable for those looking for registration as Professional Supervisors.

  1. Mental Health practitioners in private practice .
  2. Qualified individuals looking to advance experience .
  3. Students undertaking courses in Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Social work, Psychology, Massage, Naturopathy or alternative medicine.

Your Success is our Success.

The staff at Supervision Training Services are registered with ACA College of Supervisors, and PACFA they are experienced Public Speakers and Educators holding a current TAE certificate.

Benefits of Moving Forward with us.

Whatever your career or personal aspirations, you can grow and meet your potential face-to-face. Moving forward inexactly what we are about and when you team with our educators, we guarantee to walk beside you and be with you as you meet your challenges head on.

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